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Adding new pages with detailed content on a regular schedule helps search engines know that your website is still active and fresh. Updating content on blog posts and product pages for relevancy once a year also helps improve SEO ranking, as this is called content freshness. Which ecommerce platform is best for SEO? Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for SEO. Shopify lets you write and edit your own titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and URLs. You can also submit your sitemap to Google Search Console. Adding a blog to your online store is also possible on Shopify. Having a blog on an ecommerce website can help you rank for other relevant keywords that dont compete with product pages. For example, if you sold birthday party supplies, your product pages would have keywords based on individual product names, like balloons, streamers, and so on. However, your blog might include keywords relevant, for example, to birthday party planning. About the author. Shanelle Mullin works on growth, experimentation, and conversion rate optimization at Shopify. Join 446,005, entrepreneurs who already have a head start.
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Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy have many SEO features, but most of the optimization is automated, or you have to pay for an extra plugin to create an advanced SEO environment. We recommend staying away from any platform that scored lower than 60 in our test, as this means youre severely limited in how you manage search engine factors. Go to the top. The Key SEO Factors Explained. Below, well give you a definition of each SEO ranking factor, a real-world example, and our findings on how the top platforms help with optimization for each SEO factor. Custom Navigation Links. SEO Weight: 10/10. The navigation link is the text that appears for your products and product categories in the navigation menu of your site. Some ecommerce platforms automatically generate the navigation links in your menus using the same names as the products and product categories in your online store.
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You need to ride the wave to survive. SEO For Your Online Store: A Proper SEO Strategy. Thanks to Google, websites now rank based on their relevance to keyword terms. Google created an algorithm that is focused on people finding exactly what they wanted in their search. While there are other search engines, and the earlier ones have different algorithms, similar principles apply. You can also structure your e-commerce site to position yourself as an expert on a topic related to your product. One way is to record podcasts and videos to update on a regular basis, the way that my firm does. It helps to also write guest blogs and star on podcasts that your acquaintances run in various businesses. MORE FOR YOU. 'We' Can Control Our Own Destiny: John Zimmer Shares Lyfts Vision For The Companys Future And $1 Trillion Market Opportunity. The LSE Alumni Turning Their University Into A Startup Powerhouse. Coinrule Bags Big-Name Investors For Its Automated Crypto Trading Platform. Incorporate keywords into your content, and make them relevant to your business. Content includes category pages and blog posts - reading material that can educate customers about your products or services.
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This video will walk you through the entire step-by-step process.: And when youve finished step 3, start back at the top and execute this entire SEO strategy again. When you consistently publish content on your ecommerce site, youll find that all of these links, traffic and social media shares actually help your product and category pages rank better. For example, the popular cookware ecommerce site has an outstanding blog that features recipes, cooking tips, interviews with chefs, and more. Which is one of the main reasons that so many sites link to them. Chapter 6: Ecommerce Link Building. In this chapter Ive got not one but TWO in-depth ecommerce link building case studies for you. In the first case study youll see how Chris built links directly to his ecommerce sites product pages Without ANY content. Then youll read how Mike used two creative link building strategies to boost his ecommerce sites organic traffic by 2272. Case Study 1: How Chris Got Backlinks From Popular Tech Blogs. Backlinko reader Chris Laursen had an ecommerce client that struggled with link building.
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Look for spammy sounding URLs and crappy websites whenever you click to view them. Step 10: Find opportunities to improve site speed. Site speed AND crawl speed are both important to your sites ability to rank and user experience. According to a study from Radware, 51 percent of online shoppers in the U.S claimed if a site is too slow they will not complete a purchase. To get an idea of what you can do to improve your sites speed go to Googles PageSpeed Insights Tool and plug in your URL. Google will score you on Mobile and Desktop from 1 to 100, and give you steps to speed things up. Check out this guide to improving your sites speed. However, if you only do one thing, compress your images. Image file sizes can get massive and slow things down, so this one step can make a huge difference. Fortunately, BigCommerce takes care of this for you by using the built-in Akamai Image Manager. And thats it! Youre done with your ecommerce SEO audit.
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We can also set up a free consultation to discuss your eCommerce SEO opportunities and concerns. Prev Previous Best Practices for Facebook Marketing. Next Understanding The New Lifetime Value Report from Google Analytics Next. The First Step to Fast SEO Growth. Outline the core pillars to your technical and content SEO strategies, and take your SEO to the next level with our free SEO Playbook PDF. Helping online brands grow since 2006. How can we help you? Find out today! Get a FREE website diagnostic consultation and report for your site. How to Scale SEO Work NOBODY Wants to Do to Grow Traffic. UX Design Development. Search Engine Optimization. Email Marketing Automation. 30 Minute Strategy Session. Get new strategies to grow traffic and increase conversions. Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Linkedin. Founded in 2006, Trinity is the human touch behind digital experiences. We're' a dedicated optimization team with a full suite of professional services to propel your brand past the competition. 2021 Trinity Insight, LLC. All Rights Reserved. FREE WEBINAR TRAINING. Secrets for Optimizing Conversion.
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How to Search Engine Optimize SEO an Ecommerce Website. Ecommerce businesses face unique challenges when it comes to search engine optimization SEO. In an attempt to rank dozens to potentially thousands of product pages, many ecommerce store owners encounter duplicate content issues, broken links, poor user experience, and more.

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